It is our liberty to introduce the authors below based on their works which contribute the democracy and universal rights in Vietnam. Following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Vietnam is among 192 countries had signed, accept and recognise it together with Article 25 of the Vietnam Constitution (2013); these authors don’t have to face any legal responsibility.
We oppose any harassment, arbitrary detention and conviction that the Vietnamese communist government conducts.


Phạm Đoan Trang 

(b.1978 in Hanoi) is a Vietnamese author, blogger, journalist and democracy activist.

Hoa Nguyễn

(b. 1979, Hanoi) is an artist and activist for democracy and human rights.

Trần Vũ Linh

Started working as a democracy activist and an author in 2017, he  is currently living and studying in Taiwan.

Will Nguyễn

Will Nguyen (age 34) is a Vietnamese-American public policy specialist and an activist for the Vietnamese democracy movement.

Phạm Thanh Nghiên

A former prisoner of conscience from 2008-2012, a mother and author, lives and works in Saigon

Thịnh Nguyễn 

An independent film-maker (age 40) lives and works in Hanoi

Trịnh Hữu Long

An author and the founder of Luat Khoa tap chi, currently lives and works in Taiwan

Cô Gái Đồ Long 

A prominent blogger, a journalist and a former prisoner of conscience from 2010-2011, currently lives and works outside of Vietnam

Đặng Chí Hùng

An IT engineer and and author, was chased by Vietnam communist police to asylum in Canada

Chiết Dza

An author, editor and translator, lives and works in Saigon

Nguyễn Lân Thắng 

A pro activist and author, 
lives and works in Hanoi


Independent film-maker and graphic designer got harassed and arrested by the police,currently flees home and lives drifting in Vietnam