“Dân Oan/Victim of Injustice” – Thịnh Nguyễn 

If we call these people “Dân oan”, they are simply the voiceless people, there is nothing about them worth caring, there is no relation between them and our society

But if you care for them, you will find their pleasant characters: a humourous husband, a wife good at cooking, a strict parent, a generous neighbour, a pet lover… Like you, they have their own love stories, unique likings, they have their own pride…

The only thing which makes you different from them is that you have not been labelled as a person whose stories are not worth caring about and are not attractive at all

If we care for them, we can always see special things in normal people and simple things in special people. “Thinh’s stories” are told with hope to make people more human, make our lives more beautiful…

(by Dinh Thao)